Y13: BTEC Level 3 Principles of Applied Science


In sixth form, we follow the Edexcel BTEC level 3 in Applied Science course. All students are required over the course of the two years to complete the 60 credit qualification titled BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Applied Science. This consists of 3 units which are completed in year 13;

Unit 5 – Perceptions of science
Unit 11 – Physiology of human body systems
Unit 22 – Chemical laboratory techniques

Students can achieve pass, merit and distinction grades at the end of year 13 if they complete all of the required tasks for each unit at that level. To achieve a merit grade, students need to complete all of the criteria for a pass as well as merit. The same is true for a distinction. More detailed descriptors for each unit can be found below.

Unit 5 – Perceptions of science (10 credits)
Unit 11 – Physiology of human body systems (10 credits)
Unit 22 – Chemical laboratory techniques (10 credits)

A more detailed breakdown of the course can be found here.

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