Y11: GCSE Chemistry

Students in 11j1 and 11j2 now follow the triple science route and therefore complete an extra unit of work. They have an extra examination in the summer which incorporates this additional content.

Unit 2
C2.1 Structure & bonding
C2.2 How structure influences properties
C2.3 Atomic structure
C2.4 Rates of reaction
C2.5 Exothermic & endothermic reactions
C2.6 Acids, bases & salts
C2.7 Electrolysis

Unit 3
C3.1 The periodic table
C3.2 Water
C3.3 Calculate & explain energy changes
C3.4 Further analysis & quantitative chemistry
C3.5 The production of ammonia

In order to further enhance student understanding, each student has a login to Kerboodle. Once logged in, students have access to an online textbook that supports the course and is free to use. Click here to visit Kerboodle

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