Y11: GCSE Additional Science

In year 11, students in the sets between 11j3 and 11w2 will complete the Additional Science GCSE. We follow the AQA examination board and students will sit 3 examinations in the summer. Biology 2, Chemistry 2 and Physics 2. The marks for these 3 examinations together with the internal assessment count towards this GCSE grade.

The content covered in year 11 is as follows.

Biology 2
B2.1 Cells & simple cell transport
B2.2 Photosynthesis
B2.3 Proteins
B2.4 Aerobic & anaerobic respiration
B2.5 Cell division & inheritance
B2.6 Speciation

Chemistry 2
C2.1 Structure & bonding
C2.2 How structure influences properties
C2.3 Atomic structure
C2.4 Rates of reaction
C2.5 Exothermic & endothermic reactions
C2.6 Acids, bases & salts
C2.7 Electrolysis

Physics 2
P2.1 Forces
P2.2 Energy of moving objects
P2.3&4 Electricity
P2.5&6 Radioactivity, fission & fusion

In order to further enhance student understanding, each student has a login to Kerboodle. Once logged in, students have access to an online textbook that supports the course and is free to use.
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