Y09: Biology, Chemistry, Physics (Integrated Course)

Year 9

A variety of topics are taught in Year 9 that have a strong emphasis on scientific content and scientific skills. These topics include:

– Psychology, behaviour and health
– Variation, inheritance and genes
– Ecosystems and the environment
– Solids, liquids and gases
– Elements, compounds and mixtures
– Chemical reactions
– Forces and motion
– Electricity and magnetism
– Energy transfer and resources
– Earth, solar system and universe

Each taught topic is assessed individually and levels are recorded on Go4Schools. Additionally, students in Year 9 have a termly examination, culminating in an overall level for key stage 3 science which is awarded in May. During the summer term of Year 9, students begin their GCSE science course.

Parents can best support their child’s progress in science during Year 9 by consulting key stage 3 science revision guides and useful websites such as:

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