Y13: A2 French

Topics/ content taught includes:

Autumn Term: Study of literature / film
Literary essay practice
Begin discursive essay practice

Topics may include:

  •     Cloning
  •     GM products
  •     Social ills: crime and punishment
  •     Racism
  •     Women’s rights
  •     Terrorism
  •     Secularism
  •     Euthanasia

Pupils to select a topic of interest to research and discuss in   preparation for debate in oral exam

Spring term: Continue to work on discursive essays
Topics may include:

  •     War
  •     The role of peace-keeping forces
  •     Poverty
  •     AIDS
  •     Philanthropic work
  •     Spirituality
  •     Festivals and traditions

Review of grammar as necessary and practice for the translation section of exam
Pupils to prepare presentation and debate for oral exam

Summer term: Oral exam
Translation practice
Review of AS topics for discursive essay
Review of literary essays

NB- discursive essays may be completed on other areas and topics listed here as Spring term may come up in Autumn term and vice versa

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