Y12: AS French

Topics/ content taught includes:

Sept- Oct Transition Module (taster of work from 4 modules to come, as listed below)
Consolidation and development of grammar from GCSE
Introduction to the Subjunctive
Preliminary assessment
Oct-Nov Module 1: Youth Culture and Concerns
Relationships, issues at home, peer pressure, reflections on the future, and analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of computers, mobile phones, video games and TV on the lives of young people
Debating skills
Revision of perfect vs. imperfect tense
End of module assessment
Dec-Jan Module 2: Lifestyle, Health and Fitness
Analysis of whether or not young people today are doing enough physical activity, consideration of the impact of one’s diet, smoking, alcohol and anorexia on health. A study into the different forms of sport available and the pros and cons thereof.
Revision of the conditional
Mock oral exams
Feb-Mar Module 3: Education and Employment
A comparison of the French and English school systems, discussion of issues faced by students, a look at education in the past, higher education, the world of work and issues therein, consideration of issues affecting career choice
More subjunctive
Revision of clauses with ‘si’
Assessment on Modules 2 and 3
Mar-Apr Module 4: Travel, Tourism and The world around us
Analysis of transport, travel motivations and the make-up of the French-speaking world, environmental issues, preventative action for the environment
The past conditional and past historic tenses
April Revision and oral exam (Unit 1)
May Past papers and revision for Listening, Reading and Writing paper (Unit 2)

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