Y11: GCSE Italian

By GCSE level pupils have already covered past, present and future tenses, and should be routinely including all three in the language they are asked to produce, whether written or spoken. ‘POPQFACT’ remains at the heart of all language production, so adjectives, time phrases, connectives, quantifiers and opinions are also key features to develop. For higher level pupils, the imperfect, pluperfect, conditional and subjunctive verb forms also feature.
Pupils are encouraged to use online resources such as Linguascope, and zut.org.uk
Pupils are advised not to rely heavily on the use of online translators, as the results often do not support but contradict the work they have done in lessons and do not aid their grasp of language structures

Topics/ content taught includes:

Autumn term Education
Speaking and writing controlled assessments
Spring term Lifestyles
Conflicts: media & culture
Speaking and writing controlled assessments
Summer term Exam revision

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