Y09: Italian

Topics/ content taught includes:

1st half term: Autumn Clothes
Colours (adjective agreement)
Reflexive verbs (present tense)
Past tense with Avere
2nd half term: Autumn TV and   cinema
The imperfect tense
Asking for and giving opinions with reasons
The 24 hour clock
1st half term: Spring Going out
The past tense of regular and irregular verbs
Modal verbs
The future tense
2nd half term: Spring Daily   routine
The past tense with Essere
Reflexive verbs in the past tense
1st half term: Summer Travel and holidays
The past tense with Essere and Avere
The imperfect tense
The subjunctive
The future tense
2nd half term: Summer Pocket money and jobs
The future tens
The past tense
The subjunctive
‘Si’ impersonale
Modern technologies

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