Y08: German

In Year 8 all pupils are introduced to the present and future tenses, with some also beginning to use the simple past tense by the end of the summer term.

Topics/ content taught includes:

1st half term: Autumn Talking about yourself, introductions,
Regular present tense verbs
2nd half term: Autumn School   Subjects and opinions
Ich mag…   ich finde… gern / nicht gern
weil…verb to end
1st half term: Spring Family, pets, physical descriptions
Colours/ adjective agreements
Accusative case
2nd half term: Spring Freetime activities, hobbies and sports
Regular and irregular verb spellings – present tense                                                 Weather
Ich möchte…
1st half term: Summer House and home, rooms, furniture
Accusative and dative cases
2nd half term: Summer Places in town
What you can do
Man kann…+ infinitive
Food and shopping

Extra Curricular: Pupils are invited to join in with the Languages on Film club, where they plan and produce a 5 minute film in German with English subtitles, to take part in a regional schools’ competition organised by Routes Into Languages.

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