Y13: A2 Mathematics

Students study the following the OCR modules: Core Mathematics 3, Core Mathematics 4 and Statistics and Probability 1.

The two A2 core mathematics modules address mathematics that includes domain, range and transformation of functions, differentiation and integration of more complex functions, series, Simpson’s rule, parametric equations, vectors, differential and parametric equations.

The statistics and probability module involves work on statistical graphs & charts, averages, probability, permutations and combinations and linear regression.

The following documents are used to inform teacher planning and are shared with students:

Y13 2013 Core Mathematics 3 and 4 SoW for OCR
Y13 2013 Statistics 1 SoW for OCR
Y13 Core 3 Student tracking sheet for OCR
Y13 Core 4 Student tracking sheet for OCR
Y13 Statistics 1 Student tracking sheet for OCR

All examinations are in May/June.

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