Y13: A2 Mathematics (Further)

Students study the following OCR modules: Further Pure Mathematics 2, Mechanics 2 and Statistics 2.

Further Pure Mathematics 2 includes work on polar coordinates, graphs of rational functions, Maclaurin’s series, hyperbolic functions and integration.

Mechanics 2 is about projectiles, collisions,  motion in a circle and work, energy and power.

Statistics and Probability 2 covers work on continuous random variables, the Poisson and normal distributions, and hypothesis testing.

The following documents are used to inform teacher planning and are shared with students:

Y13 2013 Further Pure Mathematics 2 for OCR
Y13 2013 Mechanics 2 SoW for OCR
Y13 2013 Statistics 2 SoW for OCR

All examinations are in May/June.

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