Y11: GCSE Mathematics

All pupils follow the EDEXCEL linear MA01 syllabus.  This is a two year course and pupils have two terminal exams in the June of year 11.

The programmes of study, otherwise known as ‘schemes of work’ (‘SoW’s) followed by pupils are differentiated according to the ability of each class at the beginning of their GCSE.  We enter pupils for both the Foundation and Higher tier GCSE – however, tier of entry is not decided until after the mock examinations in the December of year 11.

Schemes of work are available here:

Year 11 2013 SoWs: 11J1        11J2        11J3        11J4        11W1        11W2        11W3        11W4

We do not enter pupils early for GCSE.  We do however enrich the curriculum in a variety of ways in order to broaden our pupil’s experiences and also to promote thinking skills. This can include investigative tasks, Nrich tasks, higher level thinking problems and functional problems.  It is expected that teachers always approach lessons with the view that pupils need to be thinking for themselves.

Available here are tracking sheets to help pupils develop their own learning pathways too:

Tracking sheets: Grades A*-C     Grades B-D     Grades C-E     Grades D-F    Grades E-G

We also offer the EDEXCEL Functional Mathematics Level 1 and Level 2 course as an option at KS4. Pupils follow the Level 1 course in Year 10 and the Level 2 in year 11.  This course has a terminal examination, which is sat online.  There is no limit to the number of times a pupil can take the online test. All pupils in W3 and W4 Year 11 sit the Functional Mathematics Level 2 exam in addition to their GCSE.

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