Y09: Mathematics

Pupils in year 9 build on their achievements in years 7 and 8 by further study of the following:

Autumn: 1st half term Integers, powers and roots; Sequences, functions and graphs; Geometrical reasoning: lines, angles and shapes; Construction and loci
Autumn: 2nd half term Probability; Ratio and proportion; Equations, formulae, identities and expressions; Measures and mensuration; Area
Spring: 1st half term Sequences, functions and graphs; Place value, calculations and checking; Transformations and coordinates
Spring: 2nd half term Processing and representing data; Interpreting and discussing results; Equations, formulae, identities and expressions
Summer term Fractions, decimals and percentages; Measures and   mensuration; volume; Equations, formulae, identities and expressions; Geometrical  reasoning: trigonometry; Measures and mensuration; Statistical enquiry

Schemes of work (‘SoW’s) for each class in year 9 are available via the links below:

9J1SoW     9J2SoW     9J3SoW     9W1SoW     9W2SoW     9W3SoW     9W4SoW

These are the frameworks from which teachers plan the activities to be undertaken; this reflects the fact that effective mathematics teaching has to have regard for each pupil’s prior knowledge, skills and understanding, and the curriculum is planned to ensure development reflects the interdependent, hierarchical nature of mathematics itself.

Teachers then enrich the curriculum for all students of all abilities through investigations, Nrich, functional tasks and higher level thinking tasks, many of which you will find hyperlinked on the SOW already. Where links do not work, this is because they refer to sources within the school network and we are working to address this issue.

Pupils who are below the expected level for their age have one additional mathematics lesson per week, which is focusses on developing, practising, refining and accomplishing their arithmetic and numeracy skills, The scheme of work for this is available here.

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