Y09: Geography

Students start Year 9 with the study of ‘Extreme Weather’. There is a focus on tropical storms and drought. For each of these hazards students will investigate the causes, impacts and preparation. Comparisons are also made between the impacts suffered in the rich and poor nations of the World, also explaining why these similarities and differences exist. Students then move on to study how a river changes as it moves downstream from source to mouth. A trip to Epping Field Centre offers students the opportunity to see these processes in action. The Spring term starts with the study of global wealth distribution in the World in a topic called “Who wants to be a billionaire?” Students will look at the varying levels of economic development in the World and how we can narrow the gap in these differences. Students then return to look at the risky world with a study of tectonic hazards. This includes the explanation of where they happen in the World, the impacts they cause and how we can prepare for them. The year is ended with a study of ‘World Health’. Students will look at the differences in health care in the World with a focus on the spread of disease and malnutrition.

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