Y07: Religious Studies

Religious Studies is a non-statutory National Curriculum subject. The Religious Studies curriculum at The John Warner School is designed in line with the Hertfordshire Locally Agreed Syllabus. The thematic programme of study introduces pupils to the variety of beliefs, teachings and practices from the six main world religions of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism; as well as enabling the learners to engage with non-religious approaches to life’s ultimate questions from atheist, agnostic and humanist perspectives. Opportunities for spiritual development is a primary concern for the Religious Studies department and this is achieved through providing pupils with authentic, first person accounts and provide pupils with opportunities to reflect and flourish.

The Hertfordshire Level Criteria is divided into two categories; Attainment Target 1 Learning about religion and Attainment Target 2 Learning from religion. All activities are created to enable pupils to achieve in both areas of attainment. Learning about includes an investigation into religious practice and beliefs and this supports effective Learning from reflections on life’s ultimate questions whilst encouraging pupils to reflect on their own interpretation of the world.

Pupils are encouraged to actively participate in their learning and this is supported by individual Tracking Booklets. Each unit of work has its own Tracking Booklet that challenges pupils to reflect on their learning each lesson and, with the support of the teacher to set themselves appropriate targets on a weekly and half-termly basis.

The Year 7 programme of study includes Who Is God? Spirituality, Life After Death, Rites and Rituals, Sacred Texts, Life of Moses. There are six assessment opportunities across the year. Each term pupils will be assessed in line with the Hertfordshire Locally Agreed Levels. A mid-term draft assessment will be followed by a series of lessons designed to support pupils in achieving their challenging targets. Pupils will then have the opportunity to sit the assessment again for final assessment.

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