Y11: GCSE English Literature

Pupils work on three units throughout the year. The content of these units is set out below, with an indication of the timetable for the year.

Autumn Term 1: Unit 3 – The significance of Shakespeare and the English Literary Heritage

This unit will be assessed by means of Controlled Assessment. Pupils will submit one task chosen from the topics in this unit.

Tasks will link candidates’ study of one play by Shakespeare with one other text from the English (Welsh or Irish) Literary Heritage. This text can be from any genre, but must not be a text studied in any other unit of this course.

Pupils will study Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet followed by a selection of Shakespeare Sonnets.

Autumn Term 2 and Spring Term 1: Unit 1 – Exploring Modern Texts

Pupils will study two modern texts, one will be based on exploring different cultures, modern in this instance is post – 1945( Of Mice and Men or Purple Hibiscus and An Inspector Calls). The modern texts in Section A provide an element of familiarity, either through themes and issues or through language. This allows pupils to engage with Literature before they move on to looking at texts that are more distanced from their own experience by place in Section B and then by time in the other units of this course.

Pupils will be expected to consider: ideas, themes, issues, characterisation and settings. These must be underpinned by understanding the writers’ language and techniques.

Section A offers a choice of ten texts which includes literary non-fiction and drama texts. This allows teachers to select the genre that is most suitable for their pupils. Section B offers a choice of five texts which explore different cultures. Pupils should explore aspects of the text that are specific to that culture as well as universal ideas.

Spring Term 2 and Summer Term: Unit 2 – Poetry across time

In this unit pupils will take a skills-based approach to poetry, learning how to make an informed personal response to a range of poems. Pupils will be expected to respond to: ideas, themes, issues, form, structure and language (including sound and imagery)

This unit covers two texts: Contemporary Poetry and Poetry from the English, Welsh and Irish Literary Heritage.

Section A is based on the study of a thematic poetry cluster from the AQA poetry Anthology Moon on the Tides. Each cluster contains fifteen poems and pupils will study one of these clusters in detail in order to respond to questions in Section A of the examination paper. This year pupils will study the poetry cluster of conflict. Pupils will be expected to make comparisons across poems in the cluster they have studied. Section B asks pupils to respond to an unseen poem. In preparing for this section, pupils will study the equivalent of another complete cluster. They may draw on a range of poems from across the anthology clusters, or equivalent poems chosen by the teacher.

Summer Term: Revision

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