Y09: English

Autumn Term 1: “Sunlight in the Grass” short stories
Using texts from a current GCSE short story anthology (“Sunlight in the Grass”), students are exposed to challenging texts with the aim of preparing them for the skills required to succeed in GCSE English Literature. Exploring texts such as “My Polish Teacher’s Tie” by Helen Dunmore, students will develop their ability to make sophisticated inferences, analysing language, structure and form and their effect in detail. Pupils will become well versed in writing sophisticated analytical responses, making varied interpretations that are supported with textual detail.

Autumn Term 2: “A Christmas Carol”
Through the study of Charles Dickens’ classic novella, students will study areas of characterisation, authorial intention and the techniques used to promote Dickens’ recurring theme of social responsibility. Students will produce analytical essay style responses, as well as original pieces of writing in response to the famous Christmas tale which show depth of understanding regarding Dickens and Victorian society.

Spring Term 3: “The Tempest”
In preparation for GCSE English Literature, students are introduced to Shakespeare through his last play, a stormy tale of magic, comedy and devious plotting. Pupils will cover tasks focused on language analysis, characterisation, study of themes, dramatic performance and analytical writing.

Spring Term 4: Year 9 Poetry
In this scheme of work which looks at a range of previous GCSE English Literature poetry, pupils will further develop their ability to make personal interpretations, exploring and analysing increasingly sophisticated ideas and themes. Students will further their understanding of the poet’s craft, considering the effect of language, structure and form upon readers.

Summer Term 5 and 6 begins KS4 with Unit 3 – Part B – Producing creative texts (creative writing)
At the end of year 9, pupils will be expected to engage with a range of writing activities in preparation for to GCSE.

Writing tasks will include recreating stories from ‘Still Images’ taken from films or recreating stories from stimulus materials taken from the ‘Conflict Cluster’ of GCSE poetry.

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