Y07: English

Autumn Term 1: Superhero and Autobiography
Students begin English at The John Warner School with a scheme of work on Superheroes.  It focuses on the key reading skill of inference, analysing the colours, body positioning and shape of existing comic book creations, before students are tasked with creating their own Superhero based on their personality.  Students will produce diary entries, marketing posters and persuasive pieces, culminating in an emotive presentation of their own Superhero.  A student from each class is selected to take part in a departmental assembly, where a Superhero of the Year is announced.  It is a delightful introduction to English at The John Warner School, developing confidence, skills of analysis and the ability to critically evaluate.

Upon completion of the above, students then explore the features of autobiographical writing using a range of non-fiction texts, such as “Boy” by Roald Dahl, “Lollies” by Louis Sachar, and texts from other cultures.  It encourages pupils to think and write about their own and others’ experiences, develops the use of grammatical devices and features to do so.  It focuses on higher order thinking skills and self/peer evaluation.

Autumn Term 2: “Stone Cold”
Pupils explore the theme and issue of homelessness through this text, one that students enjoy studying.  Pupils will be studying areas of characterisation and language use alongside exploring the thematic area.  Interspersed within study of the text are a range of non-fiction and media texts which are analysed.

Spring Term 3: “Noughts and Crosses” (play script)
This modern day story of Romeo and Juliet set across a racial divide is a wonderful text through which to explore themes such as love, prejudice and social injustice.  Pupils will explore and analyse these themes and others through the medium of drama, using extracts from the original novel to add further understanding and enjoyment of the play.

Spring Term 4:  Year 7 Poetry – Ballads
Within this unit, students are introduced to poetry through the form of the ballad, looking at classic examples such as ‘The Highwayman’ and ‘The Ballad of Charlotte Diamond’.  Pupils will explore the form of the poem, as well as being encouraged to make various interpretations.

Summer Term 5: Media and Persuasion and Public Speaking/Debating
Pupils explore a range of media texts from a range of platforms, including print, moving image and e-media.  Among a range of tasks, students will analyse the purpose of texts and how advertisers target and engage with their audience.  Further tasks include producing analytical essays and letters of argument, all essential skills in the study of English Language.

Also within this unit is the opportunity to further engage and develop the skills of public speaking and debating first seen in the first term.

Summer Term 6:  Newspapers and Short Stories
Pupils are introduced to the different areas of newspaper reporting. Pupils will learn the difference between tabloid and broadsheet newspapers, and their place in society, whilst developing their writing using the features of various types of reporting.

Students will then study selected short stories, further developing their analytical and inference skills.

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