Y13: BTEC Level 3 Art and Design: Design Route

In the final year of a student’s design experience, they undertake projects with more depth, applying much of what they have learned previously, taking their work to much higher level both conceptually and visually, and reflecting the academic strength of the subject.

Firstly, they undertake a detailed product investigation, where a product is deconstructed and analysed through an industrial context, as well as its alternatives being explored and compared as well.  The next project is a design unit where they have to use their skills in a ‘Blue Sky’ approach to design, this enabling them to show their creativity, imagination and flair and can select anything they like which enables them the freedom to achieve an exciting and dynamic outcome.

Those studying the double BTEC, which is equivalent of 2 A levels, undertake work which builds on the core experience described above. One of these projects involves designing a new museum as well as a gallery within the museum; this allows students to use the work done in the contextual studies unit which looks at design throughout history and such movements as Art Deco and Art Nouveau. This gives a broader picture of the application of design and its impact throughout time. A more detailed CAD unit is undertaken with the double BTEC, but much of the work for this is integrated into the student’s other work such as the zoo project, beach hut and the museum. These students would also undertake a major project of their choice.

From this course student’s take away not only the fantastic experience designing and making, but also the skills that will help them in whatever they wish to do in their future lives.

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