Y13: A2 Photography

Our Year 13 students undertake the EdExcel Lens & Light Based Photography course that encourages a personal, creative and imaginative approach to Photography.

Photography Y10 Pic 10 Photography Y10 Pic 9 Photography Y10 Pic 11

The course is a four-unit structure, maximising choice and flexibility with a personal portfolio unit and an externally set assignment in controlled conditions. This particular course allows students to explore works in film, video, digital imaging and light-sensitive materials. Student’s work in photography lens and light-based media is a means of personal enquiry and expression involving the selection and manipulation of images. Students use creative approaches, which go beyond observation and recording, looking at a variety of past and contemporary photographers.

The A2 coursework unit in this course examines student’s ability to respond and be influenced by their own chosen genre that interests them. Students have the opportunity to visit a range of galleries and exhibitions in London to see photography work up close and reflecting this in their own work. Students have to complete a written assignment to discuss their ideas and make a note of their photographic journey. The course is completed with a controlled examination set by the exam board which teachers guide students through to a well-rounded sketchbook and outcomes blending all their skills together. Students demonstrate a variety of skills and outcomes in sketchbook format as seen in the photographs below.

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