Y13: A2 Art

The AS and A2 art and design course is designed to initiate independent learning and allow students to develop as individual practitioners. Pupils are given umbrella themes to work on at AS level, and workshop lessons introduce them to areas of fine art and design.  Pupils then decide to pursue certain areas and themes which accumulates to make up the body of work for the coursework unit.  This is 60% of the AS grade. The students also sit an 8 hour examination, which is set by the exam board and given to students on 1st February.  It is then taught by subject specialists and is of a practical nature.  This is worth 40% of the AS grade.

At A2 level, pupils decide their own area of focus for their coursework unit and this often emerges from their own interests or from the work studied at AS level. This is submitted as a large portfolio of work and is worth 30% of their A2 (A level) grade as the AS level marks are halved and added to those achieved at A2.  A2 students also sit a practical examination of 12 hours, the theme of which is determined by the exam board and given to students on 1st February of that academic year.  This completes the qualification and is 20% of the entire A level grade.

The students are able to go on numerous visits to galleries, printmaking studios in London and to the Suffolk Coast for first hand stimuli.  We also, as a department offer Life drawing classes, run by art specialists where students can improve their understanding of recording from the structure of the human body, and collate a range of strong observational studies to use as part of their final portfolio. These are run after school.

The school and department are proud of our successful progression of students onto Level 4 University courses and Level 3 Btec Foundation courses at Further and Higher Education institutes, and we pride ourselves on being able to offer expert advice to our students so that they can access the courses in which they wish to further their careers in the world of art.

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