Y12: BTEC Level 3 Art and Design: Design Route

In year 12, the students experience a course which opens up their options for Post -18, especially with regards to a range of design-related careers, as well as developing skills which are appropriate for any career which involves decision making with appropriate action. It involves developing a clear structure and approach in students through an understanding of the design process which in turn enables a person to face any work situation and be decisive, active and effective

Students do a range of projects, as well as experimental work, which develop and evolve their skills, knowledge and approaches to work, areas which were started in the lower school. The theme is still Urban Design and Architecture and Harchester the focus and context of the experience.  Through tasks, students build up evidence which complete units and these units are fundamentally process driven. This gives the course flexibility and allows for imagination and creativity to really come into the forefront.

The students begin with a starter project of designing a beach hut, which goes over the skills and processes introduced in the earlier years. This leads into either a Zoo based project, which enables student’s to look at a variety of environments, or a tram based project, which enables students to develop their styling skills as well as a natural extension of the Harchester Project.

During the year students also produce a range of diaries, which include design theory and practice, as well as experimentation building towards a graphics based project at the end of it. During the year students will also undertake a range of deadline projects, which can be sprung on the students at any time. They have a very tight time scale and their other work is put on hold.

This first year lays the foundation for year 2 which enables students to carry out work in more depth and detail.

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