Y11: BTEC Level 2 Art and Design: Design Route

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This is an exciting and innovative course which has been built upon the its continuous success, year in year out, gaining national recognition, as well as great results for both the students and the school. In this course students build upon what they did in year 9 and explore the subject in more detail, further developing their skills in designing, making, drawing and ICT.

This is mainly a graphics course, with model making, which allows students to fully experience what design has to offer and produce appropriate and realistic outcomes, whether visually or 3-dimensional. It is based around the theme of Urban Design and Architecture, with an element of product design to enhance it.

In this course they start with a simple concept design project which involves the construction of a scale model of a public litter bin which is in the similar vein as the bollard in year 9 and which leads onto the more detailed and complex bus shelter. At the same time students explore design and what it means and these concepts build toward the main graphic project based around city regeneration and the town of Harchester, which was introduced in year 9. The students produce logo designs, leaflets and posters, but the main focus is the regeneration of Harchester, which is the culmination of all these skills, approaches and knowledge in the pursuit of a design solution which is appropriate and creative.

Students also study careers and where the subject can lead and helps the consider issue for the future if they are interested in a career in the design field. For those who wish to stretch themselves and achieve more, they can undertake a major project of their choice and this can produce models of the highest quality both in production and creativity.

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