Y10: GCSE Art

The Gifted, Talented and Able GCSE twilight sessions run after school on a Monday for 2 periods of 50 minutes each. This is run alongside Btec Art and Design (Art) to allow for those pupils who are Gifted, Talented and Able in the subject to study art as an additional subject option choice. This works well for many students as there is a large amount of creatively minded pupils at the school who wish to study additional creative visual arts subjects in addition to their choices on their regular timetable, and give the pupils involved a wide curriculum based on the arts. The subject is run over two years where the linear approach is taken. Coursework equates to 60% of their final mark (2 coursework projects covered in year 10, one in year 11) and their 10 hour time examination which is externally set by EDEXECL equates to 40% of their final grade and is sat in the spring/summer term of year 11. The examination theme is given to pupils in the January/February of the year 11. The current projects covered are set out below:

Year 10:
Project 1 – Identity
Project 2 – Abstraction and Distortion/Surfaces

Year 11:
Project 3: Study of artists (to include a trip to the Tate Britain and Modern in December)
Externally Set Assignment (10 hours – theme to be given by examination board)

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