Y09: BTEC Level 2 Art and Design: Design

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In year nine, students explore design and technology through the experience of BTEC. In this course, students design and make a range of products, based around the theme of Urban Design and Architecture, with added elements in relation to Product Design and Graphics.

As well as enhancing their drawing and making skills, building upon the work they have undertaking in year 7 and 8, students start to learn about the importance and impact of design on their lives and the world we live in.

All this is through the use of the design process, which is central to the student’s experience. This course also prepares the student for key stage 4 and much of the work can be used within the key stage 4 course, as well as laying the foundation for future work.

The projects undertaken include concept design with the designing and making of street furniture, which in this case is the bollard, a project that develops both workshop skills and the design process. This leads onto the shop front project which develops these skills further. During the year students also undertake an experimental product design task which involves a range of specialist modelling materials which are common in the design environment.

The final project is the culmination of these skills in the development of a seating area for the outside of a restaurant or shop, which is then realised as a scale model.
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