Y09: BTEC Level 2 Art and Design: Art

Autumn Term: Natural forms

  • Observational drawing
  • 2D Mark-making opportunities
  • Natural structures and creatures
  • Development studies
  • Selection and enlargement
  • Scenario – Picture postcards
  • Final A3 painting design for 4 postcards based on a seaside resort
  • Evaluation

Spring Term: Lens and light-based media – digital (short project with DT)

  • Exploring Photoshop and digital media including phone cameras and DSLR cameras
  • Looking at macro photography
  • Using editing methods to enhance photographs
  • Producing a range of colour and black and white shots
  • Digital animation techniques

Summer Term: Contextual Unit – Study of artists

  • Research and presentation of artists
  • Timeline context explored
  • Selection and research of one chosen artist from brief sheet
  • Presentation boards with visual and written analysis
  • Class presentations of information found and opinions formed.
  • Critical analysis and case studies
  • Art work in response to artists studied

The curriculum in art in year 9 allows for pupils to decide as to whether art would be a viable option for them at KS4. The units of work follow similar units to those taught on the Btec art and design course and work at this stage can be used as part of the portfolio at this level of study.  Pupils have the opportunity to refine their drawing and painting skills, experiment with a range of new techniques and media, including digital medias and their final unit of work in the summer term allows them to explore a range of popular artists and work in either 2D or 3D.

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