Y08: Art

Autumn Term: 3D Masks/Cultural 3D Art

  • Secondary Studies of animals and cultural mask influences
  • Studies and mock ups of Carnival, theatre and expressive masks
  • Research based on context of masks and how they are used in art and society across the world.
  • Collaborative and individual work
  • 3D Mock ups and final outcomes using card and papier mache
  • Critical analysis/peer assessment and evaluation.

Spring Term: Paul Klee and Colour

  • Colour mixing/colour theory work (tertiary, tints and shades)
  • Critical analysis/introduction to work of Klee
  • Observational studies of trees from primary sources
  • Composition and enlargement
  • Looking at semi-abstract art and patterns of mosaic art
  • Collage and paint techniques.
  • Final outcomes using complementary colours and warm/cool colours
  • Critical analysis/peer assessment and evaluation.

Summer Term: Lettering in Art

  • Introduction of Illuminated manuscripts and Celtic lettering styles
  • Arabic, Heiroglyphs and Graffiti/street art analysis
  • Development and planning own design
  • Decoration and embellishment.
  • Critical analysis/evaluation.
  • Illustrative techniques used in children’s illustration

The purpose of the year 8 curriculum is to expand on the skills learnt in year 7 and to develop their three-dimensional understanding by exploring masks as part of the cultural aspect of the curriculum.  Pupils learn to extend their understanding of colour theory by looking at the colour wheel and experiment with colour mixing and are exposed to other styles of art such as lettering in art in their final project of this year where the focus is on refinement and working to certain styles of art.

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