Y07: Art

Autumn Term: Formal Elements

  • Basic painting skills (colour mixing/theory)
  • Critical analysis – Patrick Caulfield (ICT)
  • Formal elements
  • Observation from primary and secondary sources.

Spring Term: Surrealism and Dreams

  • Introduction to Surrealism
  • Observational and imaginative studies
  • One-point and Two-point perspective
  • Re-cap painting and drawing skills.

Summer Term: Landscape and Impressionism

  • Colour mixing and application of paint
  • Impressionist /post Impressionist analysis
  • Working from primary and secondary sources
  • Working outside in the style of Monet

The purpose of the year 7 curriculum is to teach the basic elements of art and colour theory whilst exploring the work of artists to give a contextual reference to the pupil’s work.  Work in year 7 is predominantly 2D and builds up a skill base to take them into year 8.

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